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General Motors

Phil Abram, Executive Director, Connectivity & Infotainment, GM

Connecting with customers through their cars

GM leverages connectivity to deepen customer satisfaction and brand loyalty

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GM relies on Control Center to rapidly bring connected car innovations to market

As connected cars deliver enormous revenue potential, General Motors (GM) is quickly capitalizing on new opportunities to transform both the driving experience and customer engagement. To underscore the power of connected vehicles on our evolving digital lifestyle, GM’s Executive Director of Connectivity and Infotainment, Phil Abram explains that, “It keeps you connected to the world outside through things like onStar, Wi-Fi data, and other experiences we’re able to deliver inside the vehicle. It’s not really about the connected car, it’s about the connected person.”

To deploy and manage connected services for millions of vehicles around the globe, GM relies on Control Center’s automated connectivity management, real-time visibility and remote diagnostics. The industry giant leverages automation to accelerate time to market for new connected devices and services, implementing once, then rapidly scaling for millions of devices worldwide. The Cisco Jasper platform enables GM to deliver reliable IoT services with streamlined efficiency to lower the operating costs of their connected business lines.

Phil Abram, Executive Director, Connectivity & Infotainment, GM
Phil Abram, Executive Director, Connectivity & Infotainment, GM