April 25, 2017 NETWORK WORLD

Cisco Jasper package manages everything enterprise mobile

Cisco Jasper today announced an enterprise management package designed to help users monitor and control the data usage operation of the tons of mobile devices in their networks.

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April 25, 2017 SDXCENTRAL

Cisco Jasper Takes its IoT Expertise to the Enterprise

Cisco Jasper is hoping to leverage its Internet of Things (IoT) platform to help mobile operators automate and manage their enterprise customers’ mobile device portfolios. The company’s first customer for the new platform is Canadian operator Telus.

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April 25, 2017 ZDNET

Cisco's Jasper unit aims to extend from IoT management to smartphones, tablets

Cisco's Jasper unit, best known for managing Internet of Things (IoT) devices, is extending its approach to smartphones and tablets.

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Enterprises use IoT for mobility management

Companies that want to capitalize on the IoT know that connecting their equipment isn’t enough – they also need software to manage connected devices and analyze the data they generate. Employee smartphones and tablets are obviously connected, but that doesn’t mean companies can always monitor...

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April 25, 2017 LIGHT READING

Cisco Jasper Eyes Mobile Management

Not satisfied with Internet of Things (IoT), Cisco Jasper is eyeing up the mobile management market with a new platform that allows IT to automate what has been a mainly manual process.

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April 13, 2017 Irish Times

Three Ireland to help customers access internet of things

When the company was acquired by Cisco in April of 2016 we had 3,500 enterprise customers around the world; today we have 9,000 enterprise customers with 40 million devices connected to our platform,” said John Kafantaris, regional manager EMEA at Cisco Jasper. Three customers who want to...

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April 6, 2017 Light Reading

Eurobites: Huawei Faces Device Sales Ban in UK

Telenor Norway is to collaborate with Cisco Jasper, the US company's IoT unit, to help enterprises launch, manage and make money from IoT services. Telenor brings its mobile network to the party, Cisco Jasper its Control Center IoT connectivity platform. Cisco Jasper has partnership arrangements...

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March 27, 2017 Computer Business Review

Three, Cisco sign major IoT deal to bring connectivity to global enterprise

Mobile giant Three is teaming up with Cisco Jasper to make a global IoT play, targeting the connected car, transport, security and automation segments. The big bet on IoT centres around Cisco Jasper’s connectivity management platform, Control Center. Starting later this year, Three Group’s...

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March 17, 2017 SDX Central

Cisco’s Trollope Says Company’s IoT Business Is On Fire

A top Cisco executive said today the company’s $1.4 billion purchase of Internet of Things (IoT) startup Jasper in February of 2016 has paid off. In just one year, Cisco Jasper’s business has grown from 3,500 enterprise customers to 9,000 customers. Speaking during an investor call with UBS,...

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March 9, 2017 Network World

Cisco’s Jasper deal – one year, 18 million new IoT devices later, challenges remain

You’d be hard-pressed to write a better opening script than the one playing out for Cisco and its now year-old acquisition of Jasper. The $1.4 billion deal was to make Jasper technology the centerpiece of Cisco’s Internet of Things strategy and it has largely done that. Of course,...

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March 8, 2017 IoT Hub

Cisco Jasper, Optus put NB-IoT through its paces

Cisco Jasper has teamed up with local telco Optus to perform live trials of Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) on its Control Center connectivity management platform. Announced at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the completed trials allowed Optus to test its core network’s capabilities of...

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March 2, 2017 TechTarget IoT Agenda

Cisco Jasper brings Narrowband IoT onboard, announces new partnerships

Cisco Jasper is solidifying its position in the LPWAN landscape with the addition of Narrowband IoT, making it one of the first IoT platforms to support the 3GPP standard, according to the company. The company is no stranger to the...

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March 1, 2017 Business Insider

Cisco is expanding its reach in the Internet of Things

Since the purchase of Jasper — which connects more than 40 million devices — the platform has become one of Cisco's largest monetization assets thanks to its appeal for a variety of IoT use cases. Jasper’s broad appeal, especially compared to other platforms, makes it a particularly valuable...

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March 1, 2017 ReadWrite

Cisco Jasper’s empire goes from strength to strength

It’s easy to forget that as a sector of technology, IoT hasn’t been around all that long as a commercial entity compared to its contemporaries. Namie agrees: “For technology as a whole, IoT is still very much emerging and very dynamic. And so you know if you’re if you’re in a small business or...

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February 28, 2017 IoT Tech News

MWC17: Honda uses tech from Cisco Jasper and Bright Box for connected car services

Cisco acquired Jasper last year for the company's leading cloud-based IoT platform. Honda’s new MyHonda connected car platform uses a telematics solution from Bright Box, powered by the Cisco Jasper Control Center which provides real-time insights and controls to launch, manage, and monetise...

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February 28, 2017 IT Business Edge

Cisco Makes Progress on NB-IoT Networking

Cisco says that via its relationships with over 50 service providers, over 9,000 enterprise IT organizations employ Jasper to manage an IoT environment. That number is increasing at a rate of 400 additional customers per month, says Bui. In all, Bui says, there are now over 40 million devices...

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February 28, 2017 Network World

Cisco Jasper grows Internet of Things reach, breadth

Cisco bought Jasper and its Control Center platform to firmly establish a hold in the IoT world. And indeed, it has. CEO Chuck Robbins noted in Cisco’s recent earnings call that “Jasper connects more than 40 million devices including over 12 million connected vehicles, and we're adding more than...

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February 28, 2017 ZDNet

Cisco's Jasper unit lands IoT deals in auto, connected health, trials NB-IoT

Macario Namie, head of strategy at Cisco Jasper, said the company's goal is to automate as much as the behind-the-scenes networking technology as possible in IoT implementations. "Connectivity isn't the most strategic area of investment," he said.

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February 28, 2017 CIO

Cisco completes live trials of Narrow Band IoT

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, Cisco announced that its Cisco Jasper IoT connectivity management platform has completed live trials of Narrow Band-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) on its Control Center, paving the way for rapid growth in areas like smart meters, smart cities, smart...

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February 27, 2017 TechCrunch

A year after Jasper acquisition Cisco expands the platform

According to numbers supplied by Cisco, from when the acquisition went final last March until today, the unit’s customer base has grown 157 percent from 3500 to 9000 enterprise customers. The number of devices under management has grown from 17 million to more than 40 million, an increase of 135...

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