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Jasper is now part of Cisco

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About Cisco

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What is Real IoT?

Real IoT is meaningful business outcomes.


The Internet gave us access to a world of knowledge – and each other – through our computers and mobile devices.

By connecting everything else – from cars to cows, robots to retail devices – the Internet of Things (IoT) has expanded that world into a universe of possibilities. The connections and new services IoT enables have the potential to impact our lives far more than the original internet revolution.

But it’s time to move beyond “possibilities” and "potential.”

It’s time for Real IoT.

Real IoT is the tipping point at which IoT stops being hype and delivers on its promise. When the changing needs and expectations of customers are met with new services, experiences and business models that deliver bottom line growth for companies across industries.

Real IoT is meaningful business outcomes. And that takes more than just a smart thing, a great app, and a way to connect to the internet. 

Meaningful IoT business outcomes are only possible with managed connectivity. Managed connectivity automates communication between people, things and systems, to enable the secure, anytime, anywhere relationship you need with your customers.

For more than a decade, Cisco Jasper has been the de facto standard for managed connectivity.

We’re in the business of Real IoT.


Real IoT starts here

Your checklist for IoT success

  • Devices with embedded connectivity
  • A network to connect your devices to the Internet
  • Applications for interacting with customers and delivering connected services
  • An Automated Connectivity Management Platform

    Connectivity links your devices to global networks, your customers and your backend systems. More than 7,000 enterprises in 100+ countries use Cisco Jasper Control Center to automate connectivity management of their IoT devices around the world.


Cisco Jasper is a world leader in IoT platforms. For more than a decade, we have been helping companies achieve meaningful business results with Real IoT.

Whether you build connected devices or run the businesses that use them, Cisco Jasper can help you accelerate your IoT success:

  • Reliable service
  • Integrated security
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Exceptional customer experience
  • Global scalability

Meaningful business outcomes. That’s Real IoT.

Take control


Discover what managed connectivity can mean for your business:

Cost savings

New revenue streams

Enhanced customer experiences and more

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Join the thousands of industry-leading companies accelerating their IoT success with Cisco Jasper.


Real IoT in action


20+ companies share their meaningful outcomes

Profits up $350M+ for a global car company

Productivity up 11% for an industrial robot supplier

Carbon emissions down 50% for a vending services company