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Jasper is now part of Cisco

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Cantaloupe Systems

“Vending operators have to find ways to get more efficient. The Internet of Things is allowing vending operators to eliminate guesswork and respond to consumer demand.”

Mandeep Arora, CEO

Cantaloupe connects and empowers customers with real-time data about their vending machines

Jasper helps Cantaloupe connect customers with real-time intelligence from thousands of vending machines

Cantaloupe is using the Internet of Things (IoT) to remove the complexity from vending machine management. Their Seed Platform, through which more than 100,000 machines are wirelessly connected, enables customers to easily manage, monitor and optimize vending operations from anywhere on any device.

Cantaloupe relies on Control Center for the real-time intelligence, management and automation capabilities their customers need to become more efficient and profitable. Jasper has helped fuel Cantaloupe’s global growth by enabling reliable, secure, cost-effective access to mission-critical maintenance, diagnostic and inventory management information.

Vending machines are a quick, easy and convenient way to buy lots of things—from soda and candy, to flowers and toys. However, the business of managing these machines is anything but simple. 

Vending operators constantly monitor their machines, restock merchandise, check for problems, perform maintenance and repairs, and try their best to estimate and forecast sales based on limited information. To make the vending business profitable, operators look for ways to reduce costs and increase margins. 

This is where Cantaloupe can help. The company’s Seed platform and a range of innovative solutions help vending machine operators increase business efficiency by giving them access to an array of information about their machines, including maintenance requirements and sales data. 

In order to remain a leader in a competitive environment, Cantaloupe was looking for ways to further improve their customers’ ability to plan and manage vending machines’ supply and demand and respond to maintenance issues. Cantaloupe identified Jasper Control Center as the best platform to help expand its IoT services and provide better access to information for customers. 

Today, Control Center gives Cantaloupe control and insight over the activity of all connected devices on the wireless network—helping identify new efficiency opportunities and delivering substantial monetary savings to both Cantaloupe and its customers. 

Giving vending machines a “voice” helps Cantaloupe provide faster, more reliable services

Mandeep Arora, CEO of Cantaloupe, notes that the partnership with Jasper has given his company the opportunity to become a full-service provider of real-time intelligence to customers. 

“Our customers are business people; they don’t want to worry about the details of the wireless network. They rely on Cantaloupe to make sure our platform is communicating properly with their vending machines,” says Arora. “With Control Center, we have a reliable, secure and cost-effective way to do just that.” 

More than 100,000 vending machines connect wirelessly to Cantaloupe’s Seed platform, and the company uses Control Center to manage the wireless connectivity of all those machines. Cantaloupe can give its customers easy, reliable real-time access to information about their machines’ performance, so vending operators can save on costs and increase operating margins by routing technicians only to equipment that requires maintenance or restocking, and respond to the most critical problems first. Operators can also plan for future demand and adjust merchandise using historic sales results—from the data gathered and analyzed by Cantaloupe in partnership with Jasper. 

Using automation features increases efficiencies and diminishes pain

“It was incredibly painful before we had Control Center,” notes Arora. “A network problem could take days to diagnose and resolve. Now, our teams in IT, engineering and support all work with Control Center to help test new devices, automatically provision devices with wireless connectivity, and even provide customers with troubleshooting support.” 

Allen Lwin, Product Manager at Cantaloupe comments: “Before Jasper, there was no good way to see if our Seed devices were connecting to the network properly. Having better information from Control Center means we can determine if there’s a connection issue without sending a technician onsite, which saves us a lot of money and time.” 

Even when a problem does require an expert to physically travel to a vending machine location, Control Center’s advanced features, such as the “cancel location” function, help Cantaloupe’s support engineers reset the hardware remotely and assist the technician in handling the problem. 

Arora credits Jasper for helping Cantaloupe control costs: “Control Center enables us to eliminate data overage issues. We check devices the last day of the month, adjust the plan, and do it all automatically through Control Center APIs. It’s the best IoT platform we have seen.”

Cantaloupe Systems

Cliff Lin, Operations Manager at Cantaloupe Systems


Cantaloupe uses Control Center to help expand its IoT services and provide better access to information for customers.

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